Stock Metals
Mapes Panels

We are proud to be the authorized distributor for Mapes Panel products in the Phoenix Metro area. We stock 1/4" glazing panels in house, and we can also quote any of the vast product line offered by Mapes. From a single sheet of glazing infill panel to an entire truckload of porcelain steel panels, we can handle any size order.

STOCK ITEMS:  We stock the following in house available for immediate will call....

1/4" Bronze Painted, Stucco Embossed Finish, double sided panel

1/4" Bronze Painted, Smooth Finish, double sided panel

1/4" Aluminum Painted, Stucco Embossed Finish, double sided panel.

All the above stock panels are double sided aluminum exterior, with a 1/4" hardboard core.

We can also handle your needs for any of Mapes lines, including insulated panels, fire rated panels, water resistant panels, and their various framing components. For more information please visit www.mapes.com for more information. Please call or fax us a quote request and we'll be happy to help.